I’ve found that we live in a society where we don’t accept compliments? Or fully embrace the things we are good at?

It’s really odd.

Yesterday I was running to the store to grab some groceries and I ran into one of my parents friends. She didn’t recognize me at first, but then we got to talk about what I had been up to and what i’m doing currently.

She said she was proud of me for graduating school a year early and my gut response was to say “it’s not that big of deal”.


Then as the conversation progressed, she complimented my willpower (seeing how I live with @thecheesecake.girl) and again my gut reaction was to belittle myself.


After this conversation, I became really introspective about this issue that I, and many others, seem to have. We constantly brush off things that we should be proud about at the risk of sounding cocky or no longer being relatable.

The latter reason is a big one for me. Everyone likes to be relatable and feel a connection to other human beings. Everyone wants to fit in. Everyone enjoys having something to talk about; and rarely do we every disagree during a normal conversation because it’s just easier to agree.

I do have a lot of will power. I am awesome for graduating early. And you know what else? I am a great writer.

That’s taken me months to say out loud.

I see a lot of people saying they “suck” or “aren’t that good” at something they truly are and I’m really interested in the reason why.

My why?

I spent a long time writing about things that were of no importance to me. I wrote and spoke about the news. I found myself unhappy and not passionate and so my writing suffered AND it became something I no longer enjoyed.

Until I started my instagram.

Writing long winded captions started to give me that passion back. I enjoyed writing and the topic I was writing about and I loved the part where people said I touched their lives.

My friend Shelby really made me realize this. She kept talking and telling people how good of a writer I was. She said that I composed myself well in text form and when I send her voice messages. She kept raving about my writing.

Imagine my surprise.

Then it clicked.

I am a great writer. It’s something that makes it easy to express my feelings and thoughts. I like to speak as well – but I am better at writing.

I have a way with words. I can make people feel. I can properly express my own feelings. I can make sense of what starts as a scrambled mess in my brain. I have a way with words. I am a great writer.

The point of this blog?

Not to brag, not to talk about myself, not to bore you – but to teach and show you to be introspective.

What are you good at? How many times have you brushed off a compliment in reference to that? How many times have you said you “suck” or something to that nature because you felt embarrassed or didn’t know how to say “Yes. I rock at that. Thanks for telling me that.” or “Yes. I’ve been working really hard to accomplish that. I’m glad you like it.”.

The last blog was all about embracing your downfalls, becoming aware of them, and taking steps to change them.

This is all about celebrating your successes or just things you like about yourself. Becoming aware of when you can accept compliments and when you can compliment and praise yourself. To no longer brush off simple compliments like “I like your hair!” with a “ugh really? It’s gross today” and instead say, “Thanks! I’ve really been liking it too!”.

What are you good at?

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