There’s something to be said about who you surround yourself with.

I use to think that it didn’t really matter, that I am “Sue” and I’ll always stay “Sue” no matter what. While that’s an admirable thought, It wasn’t really fully possible.

Yes, you can stay semi-‘you’ no matter what the situation, but have you ever realized when you’re around someone for a prolonged amount of time, you start to pick up their mannerisms, attitude, and so on?

It’s crazy.

That’s why who you decide to surround yourself with is so dang important.

“But Sue…. I can’t just decide who gets to be a part of my life? What about my friends?”

This is what took me forever to figure out.

You can decide.

You get to decide who your friends are, you get to decide who you spend your time on/with, you get to decide that – but for awhile, you’ve been deciding wrong.

Hey, your friends may be great. They really may be – but if you are reading this, it’s probably because you want to learn more about this ‘environment of success’, which means you probably don’t have a positive environment yet.

Do your friends truly care?

Do they push you to be better?

Do they bring out positive qualities in you?

Do they make you think logically?

Do they contribute to your happiness?

Do they ask you the hard questions?

Do they full heartedly support you?

Are they happy for your successes?


Answer those questions, truthfully. If the answer is “no” to any of those, then why are they in your life?

The business of betterment isn’t an easy one to be a part of.

If you truly think they should be in your life, even if you answered “no” to those questions – it’s time to sit down and talk to them about what you believe the friendship should be like.

I tricked myself for a long time thinking that I was in positive relationships/friendships and that they were good people. But the truth is, they didn’t really care about me.

So how do you create this environment?

Start with yourself.

Make yourself better. Ask yourself the hard questions. Figure out the person you want to be, the friend you want to be to others. Maybe it’s you. Maybe you are the “bad” friend. Change that.

Then surround yourself with people who aid in you being this better person.

I had to lose “friends” to grow. I had to – if I had any chance at succeeding –  I had to.

Then I put out positive freaking vibes and attracted people with similar vibes and outlooks. People who stopped coddling me. People who pushed me to reach my potential. People who loved me ferociously. People that were finally friends – in every sense of the word.


This post isn’t just to tell you to ditch everyone in your life, it’s to ask you some tough questions about how you are living life right now and if the people you surround yourself are adding to your life, or freaking draining you and holding you back.

Create the environment yourself. It’s not just going to show up on your porch one day – you have to fight for the life you want and all your successes.

Do you have an environment that fosters growth in the right direction?

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