I recently made an Instagram post about this, but I want this blog to be a place I can expand more upon my posts and include helpful links (and/or studies, resources) for you all.

If you didn’t know, I recently became a Paragon Athlete (wooo!) and while I was in discussion with the company, John Serini (co-founder), talked to me about what Paragon stands for and their push to #DoMore

John said that he had watched a lot of my YouTube videos and read a good amount of my captions before even reaching out to me. He said that a lot of what I said, and the kind of person I am – he felt aligned with their company; and honestly, I couldn’t agree more.

What is a Paragon?



A person working to achieve their potential, to become the best version of themselves; a model of excellence.

I believe I am a Paragon. I am working to achieve my potential. I am working to become the best Sue I can possibly be. I strive to be a model of excellence. I am a Paragon.


Not only does the company represent me and what I stand for, it also aspires to help people more beyond providing dope workout clothes. They (John, Jeff, and Emery) believe in Doing More. They want to have a message that people can identify with, resonate with, and impact lives (because isn’t that what we want to do? Freaking change the world and people’s lives?)

Cool gym clothes are cool, yeah; but isn’t a mindset shift a little bit cooler? or a changed life the coolest?

The DO MORE. campaign was designed to share a message, and a call to action. A call to MAKE SHIT HAPPEN. A call to realize that you have the power to do what you want in life. To have the kind of life you’ve always dreamed.

Did you ever watch my YouTube video on excuses?  or my video about why you aren’t succeeding in your fitness journey? If you did, you’d see that i’m damn passionate about this concept.

You are most likely limiting yourself right this moment. You have an excuse for why you aren’t doing more. You have a reason for your average-ness. That’s fine – I sometimes still do. BUT you need to change that mindset.

Lay it out on the table. Comment below if you need to physically write it down. Let me now what you want to achieve, and your reasons why you can’t. Because I am 99% sure that it’s all utter hogwash.

I’ll join in with some of my excuses:

“I can’t be successful because I don’t have any money”

I can make money. I can waitress. I can do what it takes to make ends meet. I can try harder. I can stop spending money on things I don’t need. I can stop saying that i’m always broke and stop holding onto that truth. 

“I can’t get any subscribers on YouTube or grow my Instagram”

Am I putting in the effort? Have I been consistent? Am I providing content worth having? I can control those things. I can work harder to get out videos. I can be uncomfortable in the gym/public and film more. I can stay up later/get up earlier to get videos done.

“I have depression so it’s hard for me to do things during the day”

ok. This one is a little slippery. Yes, I do have depression and no, it can’t be fixed by just deciding to be happy BUT BUT BUT – I know I use my depression as a crutch. I blame blatant laziness on my depression. I can do more with my life, i’ve just found away to let people feel sorry for me and feel like what i’m doing is “enough for someone with depression”.


I could honestly go on and on and on. There’s a million an one reasons why you can’t accomplish what you want – but the only real reason is because you chose not to. You chose to be victim to your excuses and circumstances. You chose to do less.

Today, and everyday – I challenge you to DO MORE. To overcome your reasons and excuses and make it happen. Whatever it is that you want – get up and get after it.

It’s yours. If you truly want it.

DO MORE. Video

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