It’s something we don’t talk about a lot and love to hide.

As humans, we don’t like being weak and furthermore, don’t like admitting when we are wrong or that we have things we aren’t good at.

It makes sense that we don’t want to broadcast the things we don’t like about ourselves (our character flaws), but it still confuses me.

When did we get to the point that we not only ‘don’t talk’ about our character flaws, but sometimes we aren’t even fully aware of them?

How do you fix a problem?

Well first you have to know what the problem is to be able to fix it.


Becoming aware of your faults is the only way to fix them.


What do you suck at?

What do you need to work on?

What is something about yourself that you want to change?


I suck at receiving criticism.  I want people to tell me how great I am. It’s human nature. But I know I need to work on it.

I also suck at expressing my feelings sometimes and being objective about certain things. I use to like to “win” any argument I was in. Bottle up my feelings. Feel justified by my anger.


I have a lot of character flaws i’d like to fix, but I can only fix them if I can be aware of what they are and be aware of when they are coming out. We want to be better (in the business of betterment.. am I right?); and with being better, comes improvement. Let’s evaluate and be objective here. Growth comes from discomfort.

Questions you need to answer:

  • What are you avoiding in life?
  • Have you gotten the same feedback from multiple people? (i.e. always late, takes criticism poorly, bad listener, etc.)
  • Are there people in your life who truly care for you and your well being? People who tell you the truth, even if it hurts? (I’m not talking about friends who are just mean for no reason, but someone who pushes you to think critically and objectively and doesn’t let you be less)
  • Have you ever done an honest self assessment? A no bull shit look at yourself?

Now make a list:

  • what are your weaknesses?
  • why are those your weaknesses?
  • How can you change them? (be proactive)
  • Who do you have to hold you accountable? (like truly…)

Go forth and conquer my friends. I promise that once you stop allowing yourself to be less and stop surrounding yourself with people who allow you to be less – your life will completely and utterly change. Challenge yourself. Find others who challenge you. Become aware. Slay.


Keep doing hard things,


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