Wassup my lovely home skillets,

When I was creating my website – It felt like something was missing. Like I wasn’t giving you something valuable or meaningful to me and my website was going to be just like everyone else’s.

I realized that it was a blog.

Why a blog sue?

If you didn’t know, I graduated from the University of Kentucky with a Journalism and Communications degree. I spent a lot of time in college writing, reading, reporting, and using word documents as my diary.

Writing is something I enjoy, but never realized how much I enjoyed it because I wasn’t writing for me.

This will be a consistent blog. I aim to get 2 posted a published in a week, every week. The goal is to continue using this as a diary but also to expand more on my captions. I love long captions. I feel like I can reach y’all more and speak more.

This blog will be very special to me, and I hope to you too. I’ll have personal experiences, stories and thoughts and I also will leave links or credit to anything i’m referencing so you guys can get the full picture. I want you guys to not only be able to interact with me.. but with each other. This sometimes might get very raw and real.

Why do you share so much personal stuff/feelings/thoughts/emotions?

I want you guys to realize you’re not alone. I’ll share my thoughts, my failures, my weaknesses, my experience – everything. I want to help. I want to be a part of the reason your life is changed. I want to have a positive impact on everyone I meet. I want to change the world.

Keep doing hard things,


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