You have a goal.

You either achieved it or you didn’t, but now you have to change direction – you have to switch gears.

I’ve felt this way a number of times in my life: when I decided I wasn’t passionate about my major, when I decided to stop partying, when I decided to do “fitness” as a job, when I graduated college, when I started prep, when I ended prep, and so on.

It’s like you feel this sense of “WTF DO I DO”, it’s not a calm feeling, so I won’t make it out to be. It’s scary and confusing and sometimes just defeating.

Yes defeating, even if you accomplished your goal.


I graduated college, now what?

I switched careers, now what?

I just dieted for weeks and competed, now what?

What do you do now that this overarching goal or task is now finished?

Is the only way to go, well… down?


My biggest piece of advice: Don’t die a slow death.

Don’t let that achievement or goal or WHATEVER it is, be your downfall.


You HAVE to change gears, keep going, or stay involved, really anything but letting things crumble.


You may experience letdowns that are associated with hitting your “peak”. And that’s honestly okay – because if it was something big and meaningful? It probably took a lot of your effort, a lot of passion, and not to mention time and money.

You experienced personal growth, and the growth shouldn’t stop. Growth can be in the same area, or in new areas. But you know what can’t happen? Personal shrinking.

Once something is accomplished in my life, I try to immediately switch gears.


For example: Prep.

My goal for 25+ weeks was to lose weight. Now that that’s “over”, it leaves me extremely vulnerable.

I have this freedom now and a more relaxed structure to my life – but do I use that? How do I set myself up for success moving forward?

How do I deal with going from losing weight to gaining weight?

I switch gears.

I take everything that was previously my goal/mindset and determine if it is something I need to continue, drop, or change.

I have been focusing on becoming smaller, I can no longer let that be my focus.

I have to focus on where I can grow.

If I keep in the same headspace, everything I do moving forward will be viewed as failing.

I set myself up.

For success.

I push the clutch to the floor and switch gears ASAP.

If you are about to hit your PEAK of whatever you are trying to achieve right now – plan for HOW you are going to switch gears.


It’s easy to say, “I’ll figure it out when the time comes” – and there is a certain truth to that. However, there’s a difference between trying to make an uninformed decision and making a decision based on the situation at hand, while having already weighed multiple options beforehand.

(You wouldn’t pick a college just randomly without looking more into it, your different options, the different outcomes, etc. So why would you pick/decide the next phase in your life that way?)


What is your current goal right now?

What is your plan for after you achieve that?

How are you safeguarding yourself?

How will you switch gears?

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