My coaching is geared towards helping find what works for each person’s life. I work together with all my clients and their biofeedback, and we put together a plan that will help them succeed. When reading through what has happened with each client, you will see something very repetitive: we nailed down variables, we found a grove, and we raised food. If you have any questions – feel free to head to the CONTACT ME page and ask away! 

I want each client to LEARN why we do things and when to do things and how to be objective so that they can move forward and do this for themselves. We find sustainability and something that we can maintain. Fitness doesn’t have to be full of stress and restriction – you CAN live your life and reach your goals.

These girls put in the work – I was just here to guide them, be objective, and LISTEN to what they need.
A round of applause for these kick ass women!

More client love...

When I first came to sue, I was in a spot in my training where I didn’t understand my nutrition, I felt I was getting no where after months and months. I had only been following her for a few months, but something about her coaching style stood out to me.

I remember the initial phone call with Sue when we discussed coaching, and as soon as I started talking with her I knew I had picked the right coach. I look forward to my check in days because not only do I have a friend that can count on, but I have a teacher as well. She is always eager to answer any questions I have and wants to teach her clients how to do these things on their own, so they can continue this lifestyle. Any questions about movements, supplements, help with food ideas, stress management, etc. she is there for you.

I have learned more about myself, my body, nutrition and training than I ever thought I could in the 5 months I have been working with Sue. She is always making sure her clients are comfortable and confident in the gym, sending demo videos whenever I got a new workout split. She’s transparent with what she has going on in her life and is an open book about any questions you have about her own journey. Her honesty helps with being able to open up to her, very quickly. It’s very scary to open up to someone that you don’t know about everything personal, but she makes it easy. I do not say this lightly when I say, this woman has changed my life. Her support and belief in her clients in unmatchable. I have never felt more believed in and invested in than I have with her. Investing in her would be the best decision you could make for you body and mind.
I am coming up on week 32 with Sue and i have gained so much. I've gained confidence. I've gained peace. I've gained friends. I've gained knowledge and tips and tricks. I cannot say enough good things about working with Sue. She is always there when you need her and she will literally drop what shes doing to answer your questions. She cares so much for me and all the rest of her clients. It is felt through her voice messages, emails, texts, our cool secret fb group, and she shows us off on her instagram. You can tell how truly proud she is and it makes her so easy to connect with on a human level. She is not only my coach but such a close friend. She is also so smart and always providing information on all types of subjects (#suescues).Her training programs are unlike any workout you've ever done and you will leave the gym feeling like a bad ass. Sue is there for you through the high highs and the low lows and she always knows what to say and how to adjust. I am truly so thankful for working with Sue because whenever I decide to be on my own I know so much more than i did before. I am blessed to have this past 32 weeks with someone who constantly pushes me to be better.

-Proud member of #teamcute
I don't even know where to begin with this! Sue has seriously been the best. Not only is she your coach, she's your friend. She holds you accountable and encourages you all the way. She didn't make me feel bad or guilty for having an off week where I barely lifted and didn't meet my macros. She understood and got me right back on track. Sue is so so sweet. My weight hasn't changed much (not my goal) but my body comp has completely changed. I can't even believe it. For the first time EVER, I'm not embarassed about my body. I don't feel clueless in the gym. AAAND, I have a healthy relationship with food. I feel so strong and confident. I couldn't be happier with my decision to work with Sue and I feel bad for people that don't have her as a coach. I liked that she gives you her personal number so you can text her whenever and she will get back to you. It shows that she really cares about her clients. She's also super knowledgeable and will go the extra mile for you! Any question you asked will be answered in depth with everything you need to know. While working with Sue, I had to get my tonsils out and was unsure on the reovery time/when I could go back to the gym. SHE WENT AND DID RESEARCH ON IT. She didn't have to go that extra mile but she did because SHE CARES. Summed up, Sue is the best and you will not regret joining THE GAINZ SQUAD
I have been following Sue for almost two years now, and I’ve had her as my coach for five months straight. Let me tell you - this girl is the most genuine person on the planet. She gives her all with everything she does, and she sincerely cares about each and every one of her clients wellbeing (physically, mentally, and emotionally). Even when I wasn’t training with her, she never hesitated to answer questions I had or hype me up. I was nervous at first about making the jump from follower to client, but it was the best thing I could have done for myself. Sue pushes you to be stronger in your life, not because she’s telling you to lift heavier or eat better, but because she helps you learn and be honest with yourself about what’s working or not working and why. She uses evidence-based practices and never hides anything from her clients. If you have a question, she’ll answer it and provide journal articles to back it up. If she doesn’t know, she’ll take the time to find the best resources out there. Her goal is to teach you how to be able to do this on your own, how to light your own fire, and how to be boss in the gym, in the kitchen and in life. She’s provided feedback and corrected my form, adjusted my macros, made multiple workout programs that are customized to what I like, what I can do, and what time I have (no matter how limited). Training with Sue is the best thing you can do for your body. It’s scary to make that commitment, but once you do, you’ll instantly realize the benefits of working with Sue. No other coach or personal trainer is as kind, hardworking, or genuinely passionate about health and fitness as she is. This isn’t just a job, and you will never be just a dollar sign to her. When working with Sue, you get an amazing coach that pushes you to be your best and arms with you the knowledge you need to be successful, you get a friend who never judges you no matter how many mistakes you make along the way, and most importantly you become one step closer to being the person you want to be. 10/10 recommend.
My experience working with Sue has been nothing but enlightening and motivating. Whatever goal you are working towards, whether that be physically or just in life- she will do anything in her power to help you get there. And it doesn’t take long to find trust in her. I immediately could feel Sue’s genuine passion for improving the lives of others. This girl is one of the very few coaches I have encountered that isn’t in it for the money, and is truly so invested in her clients’ success and well being. She’s always a text away and never leaves you hanging. All it takes is one not-so-great weekly check-in to see what she’s about. Sue doesn’t guilt trip or lecture you, she makes a program that works for you and with you to make the best you.
Sue has helped me learn more about my body in the last 6 weeks than I have in the last 6 years. I was consistently in a caloric deficit for well over 2-3 years and by increasing my food, I have began to see more definition and more success in my workouts, too! Being a personal trainer myself, I thought I was able to figure out what to eat and how much to eat on my own, but I was SO wrong! Everyone could utilize a coach & I think everyone should! Sue is super accessible and always answers any questions you have, as well as gets to the root of any issues you’re having. I am SO thankful for Sue & can’t wait to continue to pick her brain and utilize her knowledge and assistance in my journey!